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Supervisory Board

As a globally active payment service provider (PSP), we bear certain responsibilities with regard to our customers, suppliers, partners, banks and the associated regulatory bodies. Our Supervisory Board is ultimately answerable for the activities of SWISSgate Technologies AG. It is responsible for the prudent and effective monitoring of the strategic orientation of our company. It dictates the use of all necessary financial and staff resources on the basis of the recommendations and proposals provided by Executive Management.

Executive Management

Our Executive Management is responsible for the active control of our company, in consultation with and with the involvement of all members. It defines the business objectives, their implementation and basic focus, company policy and is also responsible for the systematic and conscientious implementation of this. Thanks to its many years of experience, our management team knows that skilled and different personalities with extensive practical experience are required to maintain a well-functioning corporate structure and ensure the success of a complex organisation. The interaction and regular exchange of knowledge among team members at all levels plays an extremely important role, especially in a constantly and rapidly changing industry such as the online payments business. It is nevertheless important at all times to be dynamic and flexible in order to be able to respond successfully to market turbulences and the rapid pace of developments.


Our team consists of professional, independent specialists and experts who provide our customers and partners value-orientated services that provide for relative competitive advantages. We always focus on profit-orientated advice and effective, rapid implementation. Here, the many years' experience of each team member is important when it comes to the provision of complex technological and business know-how that can constitute a significant competitive advantage for our customers.

Our team is a decisive element that determines the success of the company. We employ talented, reliable personnel who can improve the quality of our services in an environment typified by dialogue and personal contact. Our aim is to use our skills to serve the needs of each customer and partner.

Service quality can be assessed primarily on the success of our management. Short, fast, unconventional decision-making pathways simplify our company's structure, and thus also the activities of our customers and partners. And because of this, we need to be always available to our clientele. We are always open to suggestions and ideas that will allow us to together determine the correct orientation of our company and help us meet any challenges without delay. Our main concern is and will be to act with the maximum of ethical awareness and integrity whenever dealing with our customers.

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