• SWISSgate
    Driving e-commerce
    Made in Switzerland

    > Global e-payment processing and services
    with Swiss reliability.

    Motor des E-Commerce
  • Direct Merchant Account
    Credit Card

    > Worldwide credit card acceptance
    for e-business and digital content.

    Direct Merchant Account
  • ISO's, Agents and Sales Partners

    > Continued long-term profitability within a dependable partnership.

    ISOs und Agents
  • SWISSgate-Direct

    > The start-up solution for everyone
    immediate start, quick and simple.

    SWISSgate Direct
  • Payment Processing Gateway

    > Worldwide acceptance, security and protection guaranteed by PCI DSS level 1 certification.

    Processing Gateway
  • Mobile Payment

    > Pay everywhere, fast and secure
    direct from your smartphone.

    Mobile Payment