Cash On Delivery

Cash on delivery, a standard method of paying for mailed packages and courier services on receipt, is still one of the most desirable alternative options despite the increasing popularity of other online payment procedures.  The buyer has the guarantee that they only pay for what they actually receive - i.e. they only part with money in exchange for the goods. This simultaneous exchange makes the procedure equally secure for online shop operators and buyers, whereby COD continues to be highly favoured in e-commerce. Furthermore, as a shop operator, you have the guarantee that the COD payment will be immediately credited to your account.

SWISSgate also offers this type of payment through our universal platform. Thus you can book payments in real time as and when you want and the data can be transmitted to external systems (inventory management, accounting, etc.). However, the COD procedure cannot be used to pay for digital content (products).

Advantages at a glance

  • Fast settlement of payments
  • Secure settlement procedure
  • Optimises liquidity
  • No risk of default
  • Fully automatic booking of payments received
  • Real-time reporting
  • Automatic transmission of data to external systems

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