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From a historical perspective, the credit card is the form of payment used most often for cashless payment transactions and is characterised, in particular, by its international acceptance and its versatility. As a provider, you can increase your sales and benefit from this secure form of payment; credit card users both spend more and are more financially solvent than the average consumer. Your customers can pay online, easily, securely and quickly, for products and services on your website. Personal data is transferred by means of so-called SSL encryption, which reduces the risk of misuse to a minimum. The optional 3D Secure procedure also ensures that customers can no longer claim that they have not used their card, thus reducing chargebacks (i.e. repayments) on credit card transactions. For you, as the merchant, 3D Secure has a further advantage which should not be underestimated. In the past, all chargebacks - regardless of the reasons - were always borne by you. Now you can protect yourself against payment defaults arising from credit card misuse or subsequent disputes about payment. Except in a few exceptional circumstances, the 3D Secure procedure results in a shift of liability with regard to chargebacks. The liability shift, however, only applies in the case of the chargebacks specified. The merchant is still liable in the case of chargebacks that are necessary because of the supply of defective products or failure to deliver.

The 3D Secure procedure - how it works

The so-called 3D Secure procedure - Verified by VISA/MasterCard SecureCode/American Express SafeKey - involves a new technology which is intended to make credit card payments even more secure, both for the merchant and the customer. In order to avoid card misuse, an input window opens during the payment process when one of the above-specified three credit cards is used. The customer must enter their personal security code, a procedure similar to that employed when making a cash withdrawal at a cashpoint. The input window originates directly from the card issuing financial institution, which is also the only institution that can verify the correctness of the security code. Since only the customer knows this code, 3D Secure ensures that the payer is actually the legitimate cardholder. The use of security measures such as this increases the confidence in you as the merchant.

You can process Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club/Discover and China UnionPay transactions through SWISSgate.

SWISSgate - Credit card acceptance made easy.


This is one of the best known credit card brands in the world and is issued in cooperation with banks.


MasterCard is one of the leading credit cards worldwide and is issued in cooperation with contracting partners. The MasterCard is widely used, particularly in Europe

American Express

The exclusive credit card brand American Express (Amex) also provides special services and additional insurance, and is thus particularly popular with travellers and tourists.

JCB (Japan Credit Bureau)

JCB is the largest credit card issuer and customer acquirer in Japan. The card is most widely used in the USA, Japan, Korea, China and Singapore, but is also used in Taiwan, Thailand and in some Gulf states.

Diners Club/Discover Card

Special offers and bonus programmes, e.g. in partnership with companies from the tourism and lifestyle sectors, mean that Diners Club/Discover cards are a very popular form of payment for frequent travellers. Network collaboration with other credit card organisations, for example with the Korean BC, extends the group of cardholders to a global group.

China UnionPay 

UnionPay, known as CUP for short, was formed in 2002 in China and has its headquarters in Shanghai. As a result of China's continued opening up towards the west, UnionPay rapidly emerged as one of the world's largest and fastest growing credit card organisations. UnionPay is the most widespread credit card in China and continues to be increasingly accepted around the globe. The Chinese are regarded as active consumers. This card has become an essential asset for this target group, particularly when it comes to the purchase of products from the luxury item and tourism sectors.

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