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Despite the continuing and increasing global harmonisation of payment transactions, virtually every country has its own national debit cards. SWISSgate can process all the common debit cards simply and securely. Virtually every bank account holder also possesses a debit card, whether it is provided by Maestro, V Pay or another system. When paying by debit card, the customer authorises the transaction to be made either by entering their PIN or providing their signature. The main difference to a credit card is that when a debit card is used, the nominated account of the cardholder is debited by the specified amount immediately or within just a few days of the transaction. Unlike conventional credit cards, debit cards are issued to persons who have little or no creditworthiness. A further advantage is that there is no risk of falling into debt because these cards operate on a purely credit-based concept only. In other words, once the card account is empty, the cardholder will need to top up the funds on the account before they can use the card again. Debit cards provide a high degree of protection against chargebacks and fraud by use of 3D Secure (Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode) or a comparable procedure. This form of payment also generates additional trust among customers. 

Advantages at a glance

  • Large coverage - virtually every bank account holder has a debit card
  • Merchants credited quickly -  through direct charging of customer accounts
  • Virtually no possibility of fraud, due to PIN and F2F procedure
  • No repayments necessary because of insufficient cover and therefore protection against chargebacks
  • A large number of local, national and international debit cards are accepted

Maestro (worldwide)

    Debit MasterCard (worldwide)

    • Debit MasterCard is an international debit card which uses the MasterCard SecureCode 3D Secure procedure.
    • Debit MasterCards are issued by a wide number of banks worldwide.
    • Debit MasterCard payments can be processed through MasterCard acceptance agreements.
    • Further information is available on the MasterCard website

    VISA Debit / VISA Delta (worldwide)

    VISA Electron (worldwide)

    V PAY (Europe)

    • V PAY is a European debit card provided by VISA; more than 18 million of these cards have been issued.
    • The number of V PAY cards is massively on the increase.
    • V PAY can be used for e-commerce provided the respective cards are subject to the Verified by VISA 3D Secure procedure.
    • Further information is available on the V Pay website

    PostFinance Card (Switzerland)

    • The PostFinance card is issued by the PostFinance Bank of Switzerland.
    • The PostFinance Bank is the market leader in Switzerland with more than 3 million accounts and issued debit cards.
    • Merchants receive a guarantee for payments made using this card in e-commerce and are therefore protected against all forms of payment default.
    • Further information is available on the PostFinance website

    ServiRed / Sistema 4B / Euro6000 (Spain)

    • ServiRed is among the common national payment systems used in Spain; more than 37 credit and debit cards (including co-branded VISA cards and MasterCards) have been issued.
    • Sistema 4B has a market share of more than 20 million credit and debit cards. Since the cards are VISA- or MasterCard-co-branded, they can also be used internationally and are readily accepted around the globe.
    • Euro 6000 is the third most commonly used payment system in Spain, with almost 14 million Electron and co-branded VISA and MasterCard credit cards issued by Maestro and VISA.
    • Further information is available on the ServiRed website

    Carta postepay / Carta Si (Italy)

    • All Carta Si cards are issued as VISA, MasterCard or Maestro cards and can therefore also be accepted through the relevant acceptance agreements with VISA/MasterCard and Maestro.
    • Carte postepay is a standard debit card that is issued by the Italian post office (Poste Italiane) as a VISA Electron or MasterCard. It is therefore readily accepted internationally by all VISA and MasterCard acceptance partners for the payment of goods and services.
    • Further information is available on the Carta postepay website

    Carte Bleue (France)

    • The issuer of Carte Bleue cards is the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires (CB) - cards are issued as Carte Bleue national and Carte Bleue international with VISA co-branding
    • There are in excess of three million national Cartes Bleue and they can only be accepted through national acceptance agreements with locally-based acquirers.
    • There are more than 30 million Carte Bleue international cards. These are accepted as a means of payment at all international credit card acceptance points (with VISA
    • co-branding)
    • Further information is available on the Carta Bleue website

    Bancontact / Mister Cash (Belgium)

    • Bancontact or Mister Cash is one of the most popular forms of payment amongst Belgians and more than 15 million associated debit cards have been issued.
    • Virtually all Bancontact or Mister Cash debit cards are co-branded with Maestro to ensure trouble-free payment processing.
    • Further information is available on the Bancontact website

    Laser (Ireland)

    • The Laser debit card has been in use since 1996. By 2010, there were over 3 million cards in circulation.
    • All cards issued since the start of 2008 are co-branded with MasterCard/Maestro and are therefore supported by an international payment system.
    • The new co-branded cards are both chip and PIN cards. Laser cards can therefore not only be used in Ireland but also internationally because of the Maestro co-branding.
    • Further information is available on the Laser Card website

    Dankort (Denmark)

    • Dankort is a purely Danish debit card and has a broad national acceptance with more that 3.5 million cardholders and over 540 million transactions processed annually.
    • Today, the card is mainly issued with VISA co-branding and can therefore be used, and is also accepted, outside Denmark readily at all times.
    • Further information is available on the Dankort website.


    • The company Wertkarten AG was originally formed in 2000 in Austria and, in recent years, has developed into one of the leading online payment method providers.
    • The paysafecard can be purchased for cash anonymously by anybody from the official sales outlets (more than 450,000 globally).
    • Over 4000 web shops worldwide accept payments via paysafecard.
    • Further information is available on the paysafecard website


    • Ukash is a product of Smart Voucher Ltd. in the UK. The company has been registered as an e-money institution by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is subject to their strict regulations.
    • Ukash has been able to achieve enormous growth in recent years due to its broad acceptance and has received several awards, also at an international level.
    • The way it works is simple and straightforward; anyone can purchase Ukash anonymously for cash from the more than 420,000 sales outlets in over 50 countries.
    • The system currently supports 16 national currencies.
    • Thousands of acceptance points mean that payment with Ukash is possible in all areas of e-commerce.
    • Further information is available on the Ukash website

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