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The online transfer payment process is gaining in significance in the global internet services and trading business. Thanks to the highest levels of SSL encryption, transactions can be processed swiftly and safely by means of this system of payment. As a merchant, you benefit from this in many respects. For example, payments are credited to your account immediately or no later than two banking days after the order transaction. The services or goods can therefore be delivered directly with no need to wait, and all this without the risk of default on payment.

The systems through which these payments are processed are integrated in the banks' online banking systems, making it possible for the buyer's account to be charged immediately, while the best level of security is continuously maintained. Since the online procedure involves a transfer initiated by the end customer, as in the case of conventional transfers, the payment cannot be readily queried or withdrawn. From the merchant's perspective, this is therefore the most secure payment procedure of all, since cancellations or costly chargeback procedures cannot be initiated on the part of the customer.

SWISSgate offers the widest range of relevant and established, national and international online transfer procedures from a single source. Our universal payment platform supports all transaction procedures associated with payment systems provided through us.

Advantages at a glance

  • Secure payment procedures; only reputable and verified providers are accepted by banks.
  • Secure PIN/TAN procedures – as with online banking
  • No chargebacks or cancellation of a payment are possible
  • Fast payment system - merchant account is credited directly
  • Growing acceptance by customers
  • Efficient and cost-effective payment system in comparison with conventional payment methods

SOFORT Banking

  • Number of potential users: over 45 million online banking customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, UK, Italy and the Netherlands
  • Acceptance points now in more than 25,000 online shops
  • Supporting buyer credit institutions: German, Austrian, Swiss and Dutch banks.
  • Further information is available on the Sofort AG website


  • Number of potential users: over 28 million German online banking customers
  • Acceptance points: now more than 30,000 acceptance points and more than 900 directly connected online shops
  • Supporting buyer credit institutions: Postbank, almost all Sparkassen and Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, numerous PSD banks and additional private banks such as e.g. DKB, comdirect Bank, Ready Bank, Cronbank, MLP-Bank
  • Further information is available on the giropay website

electronic payment standard (eps)

  • Number of potential users: over 3 million online banking customers in Austria
  • Acceptance points: in more than 1000 online shops
  • Supporting credit institutions: Bankhaus Spängler, Bank Austria, Raiffeisenbanken, Erste Bank, Volksbank, BAWAG, Österreichische Apothekerbank, HYPO, Schoellerbank AG and Schelhammer & Schatterna AG


  • Number of potential users: over 10 million online banking customers in the Netherlands
  • Acceptance points: more than 70,000
  • Supporting credit institutions: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, Regions Bank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank and Van Lanschot
  • Further information is available on the iDEAL website

PostFinance E-Finance

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