MOTO: Payment solutions for mail order, telephone order, fax order

Do your customers order services and products by telephone, fax or letter? If so, they should also nowadays also have the option of cashless payments. SWISSgate offers a payment interface within its call centre and mail/fax order area that offers a general solution for simple and secure payment processing with intelligent fraud prevention. Cost-effective integration (for example, within merchandise information systems) is guaranteed. Once in place, this enables smooth processing, simple handing and offers an enormous savings potential for your company. For the transaction, all you need is specific software which can process credit cards.

Via the so-called MOTO form, which we provide for you, payments received by post, phone or fax can be processed easily. For credit card transactions, simply enter the card number, expiry date and security number and the payment procedure is then ready to be processed and authorised quickly and securely. Widely-used credit cards are accepted e.g. VISA, MasterCard and American Express. By using the MOTO credit card payment service, you have access to limitless new sales potential.

You have the option of verifying information in real-time by means of a credit and plausibility check. You will find information on all transactions, payment receipts and evaluations in the SWISSgate administration interface, which is simple and easy to use. Here, you can view all details for each payment in real-time ( a also for outstanding payments if required). In addition to this, credit item processing, full and partial refunds and cancellations can also be effected through the administration interface.

Our MOTO solution also makes it possible to bundle the processing of several payment transactions - this can be done easily and simply via a batch import. Simple automatic processing of regular payments is also possible through the subscription management system.

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