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An increasing number of people throughout the world now carry mobile phones. In fact, due to the continuing technological improvements that are being made to the smartphone generation of devices (iPhone and android systems), we have reached the point where the simple 'mobile phone' has now almost replaced the home computer.
Today, young and old alike seek constant online access so that they can receive emails, surf the net or chat, and do more than simply make calls from their 'mobile'. The demand for this has increased with the introduction of tablets and notebooks and today it is not at all unusual to make purchases using one of these devices while on the move.

Secure, easy and simple payment processes are, of course, essential if shopping from mobile devices is to be possible. As an online payment service provider, we therefore have a particular responsibility towards our merchants and their customers. 

To date, a wide variety of technologies have been developed by various providers in order to meet what is actually quite a complex challenge. A distinction must be made at the outset as to whether the customer just wants to carry out an online purchase transaction through the internet, or alternatively, whether they want to use their smartphone as a virtual wallet to pay for goods as part of a regular transaction.

SWISSgate has therefore developed a new type of app for internet payment, transforming smartphones into mobile payment terminals. Using this app, merchants can generate payment requests and transfer these to the app of the customer with the aid of a QR code. Customers are therefore able to pay simply, quickly and securely from any location in the world where mobile internet access is available using their touchscreen device. All this is achieved without the need to purchase an additional mobile terminal for payment processing. The same procedure can also be integrated, for example, into non-mobile web pages to provide for a quick and simple payment option.

Alternatively, payment can be made as usual via a web browser - in this case through the browser on your customer's smartphone. Regardless of the type of purchase transaction, the customer only has to enter their personal credit card or account information into the mobile user interface provided by us, and payment can then by authorised in the same way as it is through a home PC, a form of transaction which your customers will probably already be familiar with. The transaction is completed in real time and the procedure also includes automatic checking of personal data and information regarding the means of payment. All mobile payments are, of course, processed strictly in accordance with the rigorous specifications of the PCI/DSS standard (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

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