Billing for One-Time Payments

General payment procedures

For all payment procedures, SWISSgate can act as the interface between the merchant, the end customer and the financial institutions, such as banks, credit card systems and payment systems.

The merchant/provider independently determines the price which the customer is to pay on a one-off basis or for a set interval of time for a product or service. The customer can then select which payment method they would like to use on the payment page. Depending on the procedure, all necessary data will be requested and transferred to the SWISSgate server by means of secure SSL encryption.

Depending on the form of transaction type, the information is processed and sent via secure connections to computers in banks, credit card companies or payment system operators. The payment is usually confirmed after a few seconds and the customer receives a transaction receipt via email. At the same time, a data record is transmitted to the server of the provider/merchant that shows them that the payment has been confirmed so that delivery of the goods or access to the services offered can then be arranged manually or processed automatically.

Where coin systems are in use, appropriate access authorisations are set up automatically for the buyers on the server, so that customers can log into the protected area of the website's server with their username and password.

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