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We provide complex solutions in collaboration with many globally established financial service providers, thus enabling you to process transactions directly through your website by means of credit cards or other payment methods. Simply prepare or commission your own website/online shop and we will implement our uniform interface, which guarantees your customers the greatest possible level of security when it comes to online payments.

The SWISSgate processing platform handles transactions for all current payment methods, including credit cards, direct debits, transfers etc. Complex review and verification procedures are used for all payment options (e.g. 3D Secure, address verification, blacklists, scoring etc.) to ensure the highest level of security for each individual transaction. This also puts in place the requirements for identity verification and authorisation of payment method holders in order to prevent fraud and misuse.

What is the advantage of working with SWISSgate?

Payment methods such as online transfers or SEPA direct debit may appear easy to handle since you as the merchant need only to have a bank account. However, the management of large numbers of payments and receivables together with subscriptions and refunds involves a not inconsiderable outlay which can be significantly reduced by means of the use of our processing platform. 

It is even more complex when it comes to the acceptance of credit cards as a method of payment through your website/shop. As well as the so-called acceptance agreement from a licensed credit card acquirer, you also require a processing platform for this in order to then be able to process the card information. This platform (gateway) is usually provided by payment service providers (PSP). As a PSP, SWISSgate can provide you with the necessary gateway/interface.

Being able to offer national/country specific payment methods often requires significant resources in terms of organisation to be able to meet the requirements of the individual financial service providers. Our processing platform also offers you solutions which can be used simply and securely in this respect.

The benefits of the SWISSgate processing platform at a glance:

  • Easy to integrate in your website
  • Income can be credited directly to your account
  • Customer-friendly web presence
  • Increased sales through impulse buying
  • Access to new international customers
  • Simple processing of credit refunds and cancellations
  • Pre-authorisation for mail order business possible
  • Easy payment options for mail order transactions and e-commerce
  • Protection against fraud provided by 'Verified by VISA' and 'MasterCard Secure Code' and 'American Express SafeKey'
  • Secure transfer of payment method information via SSL-encryption
  • Real-time checking of information
  • Compliance with all necessary security regulations

What about data security?

When you process credit card-based e-commerce transactions in the absence of the cardholder, you inevitably end up in the possession of sensitive information. This information must be handled very carefully in order to prevent theft and misuse. The card organisations have issued extremely strict security guidelines for the processing and storing of credit card information, known as the PCI Data Security Standard.

The PCI Data Security Standard stipulates that agreement partners must undertake multi-level verification of the security aspects of their systems before they can store credit and debit card information. In order to avoid the associated costs and time outlay involved in auditing, it is possible to collaborate with a payment service provider who is already certified. SWISSgate has level 1 PCI DSS certification and can provide the security and reliability you require.

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