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Thanks to the growing number of PCs and the expansion of modern broadband access, online shopping is enjoying an ever increasing popularity E-commerce offers enormous potential, particularly in the area of cross-border payments if, as a merchant, you exploit the opportunities provided by modern payment systems.

The credit card is the most widely accepted payment method both for providers as well as for end customers. Credit card payments are an advantage for providers, primarily due to their versatility and the fact that they can be used internationally. End customers can pay easily and safely. Personal data is transferred with the help of SSL encryption, reducing the risk of data misuse to a minimum for the end customer. Thus the credit card, the world's most important global payment method, also plays a vital role within e-commerce. In Germany alone there are more than 21 million card holders - across Europe more than 300 million people actively use their credit card as a method of payment - even for long distance transactions. Exploit this enormous target group by incorporating this popular payment method within your company's internet presence.

As well as credit cards, there are, of course, many other national and international payment methods which can be used for e-commerce. As it is widely available to virtually every bank account holder, the SEPA direct debit method is ideally suited for use throughout Europe. Within the 'Single Euro Payments Area' (SEPA), bank transfers can be effected quickly and easily in 33 countries without additional costs. This means that, alongside credit cards, payment by SEPA direct debit is one of the most important forms of payment. See the section 'Methods of payment' for more information on national and international payment methods. SWISSgate will provide you with a secure and certified payment platform irrespective of which of the different available methods you choose. 

We provide support to merchants across the world, not only as an experienced and trusted partner for cashless e-commerce payment transactions, but also through the provision of practice-approved risk minimisation systems and other useful additional services.

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