Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Digital Coin Billing

SWISSgate offers the opportunity to combine payment processes such as credit cards, electronic direct debit, online transfer and many others with minute-based billing systems. In this case, the end customers can buy small virtual currency units (digital coins), which they can then use in the protected area of a website. The price structure can be set to your own requirements. There is a flexible choice of price per minute and quantity discounts.

Once a customer has processed a purchase that is billed through our coin system, a customer account is automatically created for the customer, which stores their current coin account balance on a continual basis. The access authorisations associated with the account are set up automatically on the content provider's server so that the customer can log into the protected area of the content server with their username and password.

We also offer postpaid solutions as particularly straightforward procedures, alongside the classic prepaid solutions. In this case, the customer normally pays only a small amount in advance, as specified by the provider, to verify the validity of their payment method. Following this, they can use the products for as long as they like. The current account balance is displayed in the browser window on the status bar. Once a day, the negative account balances are settled by SWISSgate and the additional amount used is charged to the payment method registered for the customer. This back end solution offers both maximum convenience for the customer (no continual repurchasing of coins) as well as the best possible potential for sales of the products or services offered by the provider. However, since the customer is not present during transactions, the system only functions with credit cards and electronic direct debit procedures.

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